Welcome to our little bakery on the corner. Our little Emporium of yumminess.

Everything we make is baked freshly for you in our kitchen by us.

Whether it's to start your day with breakfast, keep you going with a filled roll or baguette, a sausage roll or two, a baked potato or one of our fanflippintastic salad boxes or maybe treat yourself with some of Mia Moo's delicious baking we are here to keep you and your tummy happy. Don't forget our outside catering. In fact, we have everything you need and more :o)

Everything we make is by us on the premises. We restock and refill throughout the day to ensure your purchases are as fresh as possible, during busy times if there's something you fancy but don't see it, please ask because we are more than happy to help x

We are environmentally conscience and strive to do our bit. We use recycled bleach free paper bags, compostable cups, cutlery, tummy warmer and salad boxes. You are more than welcome to bring in your own thermos cups for teas and coffees and we love seeing the different packed lunch boxes you bring in for us to fill x



Monday - Saturday 6.30am - 2.00pm

Sunday - Closed